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Are you wondering what our full events service costs? Less than you think! Here are three examples of our pricing, with no items hidden in the small print and no additional charges:

After-Fair-Party - Viva España

A party after a hard fair day is a perfect occasion to commemorate your clients and partners. At the end of the exhibition your guests will received with an aperitive in a lovely location. Spain music and decoration gets your guests in the right mood for an relaxing evening while the service staff treats them to fine Spain finger food. Certainly typical beverages like Sangria and corresponding wines must not be missing.
The higlight will be a flamenco show which fills your guests with enthusiasm.

This event with about 100 persons and a period of 4 hours will cost per person from € 49,00 net, plus VAT.
This contains catering, beverages, service staff, decoration for 5 standing tables, music from tape and the flamenco show.

Party for Customer - Arabian Nights

Take the opportunity to make a great impression to your customer and take them into the Orient.

After work your customer gather in a restaurant which seperate guest room is decorated proberly. It smells of exotic spices and you enjoy oriental food. Anyone you wants to can try the ritual of smoking a shisha.
With Far Eastern sounds a belly dancer will demonstrate her skills and will cast a spell on you customers.

This events with about 100 persons and a period of 4 hours will cost per person from € 89,00 net, plus VAT.
Included are dinner, beverages, decoration, music and the actor.

Anniversary Celebration - The Special Occasion

A special occasion must also have the right framework.
Celebrate your anniversary in a historic location of Nuremberg, which will shine with poberly decoration and classy lighting in splendor. The event starts with a cordial welcome, an aperitive and excellent niblets. Your guests will be spoiled with an exquisite three course meal and a charming speaker moderates the anniversary. Classic sounds of a Nuremberg Orchestra top the festive atmosphere off.

This events with about 200 persons and a period of 4 hours will cost per person from €159,00 net, plus VAT.
This includes catering, beverages, service staff, location rent, decoration, technical equipment for light, screen and sound, actors, moderation and fitting staff.

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