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Are you wondering what our full events service costs? Less than you think! Here are three examples of our pricing, with no items hidden in the small print and no additional charges:

In-house exhibition

The own trade show is perfectly suitable as a marketing tool, it is not possible to present yourself better than in "your own four walls". Invite your suppliers to represent themself also on your fair. Thus, the cost can be split.

With the home advantage can be planned independently, and visitors can be individually supervised.
After registration, your customers will have the opportunity to talk directly with the distribution and inspect the premises and products. A program with catering and a raffle of attractive prices, offering an extra incentive to stay longer.

In a three-day event and a daily attendance of about 1,000 visitors, the cost per day are from 5600.00 € net, plus VAT.

This is including 10 exhibitors with system stands and 10 more exhibitors are calculated using own equipment. Furthermore, included is the catering, hostesses and service personnel, costs for signage and lighting as well as equipment and furniture.

Conference in Nuremberg

Get your employees to the right mood for the new fiscal year, or present an interested audience new products. The possibilities are endless.

Your participants will be greeted with a welcome coffee, nice hostesses take care of the registration and supervision. In a suitable meeting room in Nuremberg new ideas and concepts get created.
Coffee breaks and a light lunch to keep your participans awake and focused will also be provided.

This event, with about 100 people and a duration of 8 hours, will cost per person from € 45.00 net, plus VAT.

Here are room hire, standard equipment, coffee breaks in the morning and afternoon, lunch buffet and soft drinks are included.


Champagne reception at your booth


Present new products or simply invite your customers to enjoy a pleasant conversation at your booth.

Your guests will be welcomed with a glass of sparkling wine and delicious appetizers. Appropriate background music will be for example provided through a piano player. Like this it will be a happy stay - Your distribution has the best starting position.

At this event, with about 100 people and a duration of 4 hours, the cost are per person from € 49.00 net, plus VAT.

Here are catering, beverages, service staff, decoration of five high tables and an artist included.


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